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Cashew chia pudding
This recipe is thick, creamy and has a nutty taste from the chia seeds, this is so quick and easy it great for meal prep as it high in protein and packed with fibre.  
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Vegan pistachio & cherry biscotti
This dessert serves 20 and there defiantly wont be any left overs! With prep time being just 20 mins you could whip up another batch in no time!
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Walnut coffee cake
This recipe is super easy and overall cooking time is only 1 hour 10 minutes including prep time and the outcome is scrumptious! This spongey cake has a slight kick of coffee witch is just...
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White chocolate pistachio tart
If you love pistachios this recipe is for you ! With great fragrant pistachios and a creamy, indulgent filling this is perfect for dessert for you and your family!
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Vegan chocolate pistachio cookies
This quick and easy recipe will serve 20 amazing cookies, they are crunchy on the outside soft gooeyness on the inside! These are great if you are vegan, as the butter is our delicious 100%...
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Roasted pistachio hummus
This Stunning dish is so quick and easy with prep time only being 10 mins and total cooking time 20 mins all together you can't go wrong!
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Carrot soup with pistachios and tahini
This delish recipe has amazing flavours. Cooking time is only 1 hour in total including 30 mins prep and serves up to 4 people!  
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Chocolate pistachio mousse
This dessert will have your guests coming back for more! With prep time being just 10 mins its a win win when you make this tasty pistachio mouse!!