Our Story

We’re a young British company based in the UK, and we know our nuts! We serve both local and international markets so everyone can get their hands on our nutty goodness – we’ve become leaders in innovative pistachio, almond and cashew products. Our range of fresh, aromatic flavours stretches across premium nuts, artisan butters and nutritious milk-alternative drinks. We’re on a mission to open your mind to the wonderful world of nut products.


Borna Foods was founded by brothers Behnam and Bahram, who grew up picking pistachios on farms owned by a family friend. They love every bit of this business, from sourcing nuts to seeing the finished product on the shelf – and have done since they were children.

March 2015

We participated at our first food show, the International Food & Drink Event in London.

November 2017

We created a range of premium pistachio products for the UK retail market. These were our original products – roasted pistachios, and natural and green peeled kernels for on-the-go snacking and cooking ingredients.

July 2018

We saw a gap in the market for naturally-flavoured pistachio butters, so we created four flavours: Rich Cacao, Sweet Roast, Coco-Nutty and Seedy Kick. Only natural ingredients & sweeteners were used which make them good for your gut & the planet.

August 2018

‘Great Taste’ is the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink award: our 100% Pure Crunchy Pistachio Butter received 2 stars (which means: ‘Outstanding: above and beyond delicious – less than 10% of entries will achieve this rating’) and our Roasted and Salted Pistachios received 1 star (which means: ‘Simply delicious: a food that delivers fantastic flavour – approximately 25% of entries will achieve this rating each year’) – yay!

October 2018

We took part in the SIAL Paris food exhibition, and our pistachio butters won a SIAL Paris Innovation Award! SIAL is the world's leading food fair, which takes place once every two years in Paris and is open to trade visitors only. This exhibition is perfect for inspiration, debate and exchange.

February 2019

We partnered with Whole Foods Market, the largest American chain of supermarkets specialising in natural and organic foods – our pistachio butters are now stocked in their seven London shops.

March 2019

We actually participated in the International Food & Drink Event, and our pistachio butters won a World Food Innovation award in the ‘Best Artisan Product’ category!

April 2019

We took part in Natural & Organic Products Europe (leading trade show for the natural products!) and first sampled pistachio drinks…

August 2019

Through in-depth market research, we saw a demand for nut drinks, so we launched the first pistachio drink in the UK! Smooth, nutritious and totally nutty… like us.

Great Taste awarded our pistachio butters! Coco-Nutty received 2 stars and our 100% Pure Smooth and Rich Cacao each received 1 star!

September 2019

We took part in our first outdoor market, SAMPLE Autumn, in London – we sold our butters and new pistachio drink in both Unsweetened and Lightly Sweetened varieties.

We also participated in lunch! the contemporary food-to-go show, and gave away free coffee made using our premium pistachio drink.

February 2020

We celebrated Pistachio Day (our favourite day!) in Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent. Our main goal was to educate visitors about the health benefits of pistachio nuts, talk through different ways of how our products can be used and represent the UK's first pistachio drink. It was definitely one of the best experiences for the whole Borna Foods Team.

March 2020

Our pistachio drinks won a World Food Innovation award in the ‘Best Plant-Based Drink’ category at the International Food & Drink Event!

We also did our first point of sale (POS) campaign with Whole Foods Market.

April 2020

We donated 30,000 units of pistachio drink to The Felix Project and Fare Share to support key workers during COVID-19 pandemic. We set out this project to show our support towards all the NHS workers and to the people that are most vulnerable.

October 2020

We launched our first limited-edition nut butter in time for the spooky season… Pumpkin Spice Pistachio Butter!

November 2020

We expanded our nut butter range to include almonds and cashews – creamy, delicious and so indulgent.

December 2020

Our first festive-edition nut butters were launched: Vanilla Chai Cashew, Gingerbread Almond and Chocolate Orange Pistachio – t’was the season of new butter!

We also launched ‘The Pistachio Cookbook’ with over 90 flavourful, plant-based recipes.

January 2021

Our New Year started with a bang (and blueberries!) – we launched our Blueberry Cashew Butter.

February 2021

We celebrated National Almond Day with the launch of our new Cherry Almond Butter.

Then we launched our new Strawberry Pistachio Butter to celebrate World Pistachio Day!

Our Suppliers

Soha LLC

Founded in 2011, Soha LLC is a family-owned business based in the US, dedicated to sourcing, importing and exporting the highest quality nuts and dried fruits. 

‘Nuts and bolts bring pieces together; tree nuts and dried fruits bring our familes together!’ – Soha LLC 

By consistently supplying quality goods and honouring commitments, they have built up their great reputation. They maintain close ties with us, and pride themselves on supporting the farmers, consumers and industry at large. We’re thrilled to have them as one of our suppliers – their pistachio nut credentials are outstanding.

Next Steps

If you wish to find out more about our products or just say hello, drop us an email at info@bornafoods.com, we love to hear from you.

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