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Health Benefits of Pistachio for Little Ones
Pistachios are one of the world’s oldest nuts. Not only are pistachio nuts tasty and fun to eat for children, but they’re also super healthy and can help your children grow, develop and learn. The main benefits of pistachios for children: ♥...
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Nuts about Nuts: How Do Pistachios Compare?
There’s a reason we are nuts about nuts, but is one better than the other? Why do we choose Pistachios above all? Nuts are known to be an “energy-dense” food, meaning, they are high in...
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Can Pistachios Improve your Gut Health?
From an instinctive “gut feeling”, to what you’ve been eating, your gut tells a story. Here’s the scoop on pistachios and gut health! ♥ Everyone’s gut is as unique as their fingerprints. It is filled...
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Go Green for Heart Health
Here at Borna, we ♥LOVE♥ pistachios… not only for their taste and versatility but for their nutrition as well! Let’s dive into the heart of the matter… ♥Studies on the consumption of pistachios and heart health have...
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Top Tips for Smart Snacking
♥Snacking♥… we all do it, but few of us know how to do it well. In truth, finding nutritious, portable, and natural snacks can be a challenge, so let’s break down the snacking barrier and...
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The Importance of Eating Nuts - Vegan Diet
Leading a plant-based life is becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. The Vegan Society states that there are currently 542,000 people in the UK who identify themselves as a vegan. Being on a Plant-based diet comes with...
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Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Pistachio (the best snack)
This weekend over 40,000 people will be gearing up to run the London Marathon…better them than me! Most participants have been training hard and been on a strict diet. Long distance runners (and forgetting other sports)...
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Are Pistachios the Perfect Balanced Snack?
In recent decades, nuts nutritional goodness has been neglected due to fear of their fat content. People thought that ‘eating fat would make you fat!’ However, we now know that the monounsaturated fatty acids found in nuts...