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Are Pistachios the Perfect Balanced Snack?

Dec 14, 17
By Inesa Slevaite
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In recent decades, nuts nutritional goodness has been neglected due to fear of their fat content. People thought that ‘eating fat would make you fat!’ However, we now know that the monounsaturated fatty acids found in nuts can help to lower blood pressure. These healthy fats can reduce bad cholesterol also known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease.

So now that’s cleared up, let’s look at why we think pistachios are the perfect snack… whether you munch on them pre-workout, at your desk or as a sophisticated bar snack.

Pre-workout snack: Pistachios contain all three micronutrient groups, carbs, protein, and fat. Therefore eating a serving of pistachios before exercise can provide a boost of energy, and the healthy fats can provide sustained energy for an intense workout when carbohydrate depletion occurs (the carbs burn off). The supply of plant-based amino acids in pistachios can also provide tissue repairing protein building stronger muscles in the process.

Desk Snack: Reach to healthy snacks at work are key to helping you stay focused throughout the day and away from tempting office treats. Pistachios are a great snack which can be kept at your desk, and as a source of protein and fibre, they can keep your blood sugar stable and satisfied until your next meal. In the UK, adults are recommended to have 30g of fibre a day as part of a healthy balanced diet however, the NHS suggests that the average adult is only eating approximately 18g a day. At 2.9g fibre per serving size (49 nuts) pistachios are a great way to increase our intake.

Bar Snack: We’re all guilty of reaching for those salty bar snacks when we’re enjoying a glass of wine or two. Pistachios are a great snack which not only boosts your nutrient intake, but their shells can slow you down from mindlessly munching too many.

So whether you snack on them morning, noon or night- pistachios offer a great combination of protein, carbs and fats whilst providing energy and boosting your nutrient intake! What could be better?

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Ciara Simpson, Content Writer at Borna Foods 🙂

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