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Guinness Waffles - Happy St.Patrick
Today is the day when the Irish celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, St.Patrick, and drink copious amounts of Guinness! I’ve created a recipe that screams to be eaten on St.Patricks Day. These waffles are...
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Mother Lovin' Chocolate Slab - Happy Mothers Day
Mother’s Day, the day for mothers to pop their feet up and get treated like the queen they are. I’ve always loved making something for my mum on Mother’s Day as she can really see I’ve put...
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Raw vegan brownies with pistachios
Brownies that are guilt free, gluten free, dairy free, free from preserves or anything naughty? 
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Vegan Coffee 'Cheese' cake with Pistachios!
Here at Borna HQ we don’t do things in halves we like to take everything with full force, especially when it comes to a celebration! TODAY IS WORLD PISTACHIO DAY…and my gosh we have a...
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Homemade Pizza with a Pistachio Twist
Pizza, films and a glass of wine…yesss…the perfect night in, either on your own or with a couple friends. As good as traditional Italian pizzas are, there’s nothing better than a fresh pizza topped with...
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LOVE-ly Chocolate & Pistachio Mousse
We all secretly know that food is the best way to spread the love.  This mousse is oh-so-rich and oh-so-amazing that it could replace your valentine…! This recipe makes 2 large portions, you could share...
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Healthy Pistachio and Lemon Pasta
This vegan pasta dish is perfect when you want to cook up a healthy meal but, simply can’t be bothered to slave away in front of the cooker. Quick yet tasty and healthy…just what everyone wants! There’s...
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Gluten-Free Pistachio Cupcakes - No Refined Sugar
These beautifully baked cupcakes don’t just look amazing, they taste amazing too. So much so, you won’t even know they’re gluten-free. They’re light and fluffy in texture and rich in pistachio flavour. Why not serve a...