Vegan thumb print cookies - Healthier version

Oct 04, 18
By lacy fox
Dessert Pistachios Recipe Snacking

Do love literally getting hands-on when cooking? Then you need to make these Thumbprint cookies. They’re the perfect mid-morning snack to have with your daily brew. I’m sure you’re all starting to understand what we like here at Borna: vegan with no refunded sugars, the healthier guilt-free version of everything! These little cookies are just that! Just make sure you top the cookies with the nut butter when you’re going to serve them, otherwise, they won’t taste as fresh. Oh! And not forgetting, you don’t have to top them with our Sweet Roast pistachio Butter you can top the cookies with any one of our nut butters (We now have a range of 6…yiippppy! Check them out!


Crunchy 100% Pure Pistachio Butter
Crunchy 100% Pure Pistachio Butter

£8.49 - £36.99

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