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Oct 30, 19
By Inesa Slevaite
Pistachios Recipe

Embrace All Hallows’ Eve with our best Pistachio Halloween recipes. Will you spook with spider Halloween snacks or trick with pistachio butter rice krispies or treat with pumpkin and Pistachio Drink milkshake?

These three Halloween recipes are a fun easy treat the whole family will love, especially the kids!

Rice Krispie Pumpkins with Pistachio Butter Filling Inside:
A treat that doesn’t have any pumpkin in it but rather it is just shaped to look like a pumpkin so you still get that same sweet vanilla marshmallow and pistachio butter flavor.


♥ 100g Pure 100% Smooth Pistachio Butter
♥ 3 cups of rice krispie cereal
♥ 150g mini marshmallows
♥ orange gel food colouring
♥ 3 pretzel rods
♥ non-stick cooking spray
♥ 2 spoons of vegan butter


  1. Melt vegan butter in a saucepan over medium-low heat.
  2. Add mini marshmallows and stir. When they start melting pour a couple of drops of orange food colouring. Stir constantly until marshmallows have melted.
  3. Remove from heat and then add some rice krispies cereal, mix it up and let cool down a bit.
  4. Spray hands with cooking spray and then take a ball of krispie and marshmallows mixture, add some pistachio butter inside and then roll over to make it look like a baseball. Insert 1 piece of the pretzel rod. Reshape the pumpkin if needed. Transfer it to the dish sprayed with cooking spray.
  5. Put some additional Smooth Pistachio Butter next to the pretzel rod to make it look like a leaf.
  6. It’s done! Just leave the pumpkin to rest for a while.

Halloween Pistachio Butter Spider Snacks:
Super fun for Halloween parties and can even be made into suns by adding in just a few more pretzel sticks and used in birthday parties.


♥ 100g Pure 100% Smooth Pistachio Butter
♥ Round bread pieces
♥ 10 pretzel sticks
♥ 100g raspberry jam
♥ Chocolate (you can also use raisins, cranberries or any other fruit)


  1. Spread jam and Smooth Pistachio Butter on a piece of round bread.
  2. Break pretzel sticks into small pieces.
  3. Place the 6 broken pieces around one cracker to look like spider legs.
  4. Take the second bread piece and sandwich the pretzel sticks in between the two bread pieces, without them moving.
  5. Put some chocolate on top and make them look like the eyes.
  6. Serve immediately!

Pistachio Pumpkin Milkshake:
A great way to celebrate a healthier Halloween!


♥ 200ml Lightly Sweetened Pistachio Drink
♥ 1/2 cup Pumpkin Puree
♥ 1 frozen banana
♥ 1 tbsp maple syrup
♥ 1/4 tsp cinnamon


Puree all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

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Inesa Slevaite, Marketing Executive at Borna Food

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