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Red Riding Hood- Pistachio Butter Stuffed Oreo

Oct 30, 18
By Inesa Slevaite
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Halloween is just around the corner! Still have no idea what to bring to the party? Want your dish to be the talk of the party, yet don’t want to spend a lot of time making it? Then this pistachio butter stuffed oreo recipe is for you!

Each of these Sweet Roast Crunchy Pistachio Butter stuffed Oreo has half of the sugar and 2 times more protein compared to a regular Oreo. Who said party snack has to be unhealthy?

Nutritional Value (per stuffed Oreo) |74 Kcal | 3.98g Fat | 1.33g Protein | 1.08g Fibre |2.18g sugar |


♥50g Sweet Roast Crunchy Pistachio Butter

♥10 Oreo

♥10 Small Strawberries

♥20g Vegan Chocolate


  1. Twist the Oreos, separate the two halves and scrape out the cream filling.

  2. Spread the Sweet Roast Crunchy Pistachio Butter evenly on half of the cookies, place the bottom of a second cookie, press gently to secure the ‘sandwich’.

  3. Top each Oreo sandwich with one strawberry.

  4. Melt the vegan chocolate and drizzle them on top as desired

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Gloria Cho, Marketing Executive at Borna Foods

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