Chocolates with a Borna Surprise - Happy Easter!

Apr 01, 18
By Inesa Slevaite
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It’s that time of year again where we can have chocolate for breakfast and no one will judge…ah, bliss. Happy Easter, Folks! I have a recipe for you that is sure to make your kitchen messy and your hands sticky, this is definitely one for all the family. These aren’t just ordinary chocolates they have a pistachio surprise hidden within them…what a dream! For this recipe you will need some small truffle chocolate moulds, I bought mine from here.

Roughly 40 chocolates (depending on the size of the mould)


200g Dark chocolate
5 tbsp Borna 100% Crunchy Pistachio Butter
5g Borna Natural Kernels
5g Desiccated coconut


♥ Roughly chop the natural kernels and place to one side

♥ Melt the dark chocolate by placing a heatproof bowl in a pan of water over a medium heat (making sure none of the water splashes in with the chocolate)

♥ Keep stirring the chocolate every minute so the chocolate at the bottom of the bowl doesn’t burn

♥ Meanwhile, sprinkle the chopped natural kernels and desiccated coconut into the chocolate moulds

♥ As soon as the chocolate is completely melted take off the heat and let it cool for 3 minutes

♥ With a teaspoon spoon the chocolate into the moulds, making sure you leave room for the pistachio surprise! You can do this by lightly pressing the chocolate to the edges of the mould

♥ With a knife (It doesn’t have to be sharp) scrape the chocolate off the edges of the moulds to remove any excess chocolate, this will make it easier to remove the chocolates

♥ Place in the fridge and leave to cool for 10 minutes. Cover the melted chocolate with a cloth, this will keep it warm and also stop any fingers poking around

♥ Take the set chocolate out of the fridge and spoon the pistachio butter into the each of the chocolates in the moulds. Don’t put too much filling in as you have yet to seal it with chocolate over the top and it could get messier

♥ Cover each of the chocolates with a top layer of chocolate and then scrap over the top with a knife to smooth the chocolates and to remove any excess chocolate

♥ Let the chocolate set, this will take around 3 hours and yes, you can now eat any leftover melted chocolate (I dipped strawberries in mine)

♥ Pop the chocolates out of their moulds and wrap in a sheet greaseproof paper with some wood wool (to help add to the Easter vibes) and a ribbon tied into a bow to keep them fresh. Store the chocolates in a cool dark place

Let the chocolate scoffing and indulging commence! Tag us using our hashtag #nutsaboutborna, we love to see what you get up to in the kitchen with Borna pistachio products!

Emma Langston, Content Writer at Borna Foods

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