Pistachios Around The World - Happy World Pistachio Day!

Feb 26, 18
By Inesa Slevaite
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Happy World Pistachio Day! Here at Borna HQ we like to think we celebrate the amazing Iranian nut every day, however, this is the day when we can go completely wild! Pistachios are one of a kind, they are jam-packed with flavour, nutrition and not forgetting their amazing natural colours. The pistachio is a very popular nut and is eaten all over the world. To celebrate world pistachio day I’ve gathered some worldly facts for you!

The Chinese have named the pistachio the ‘Happy Nut’ because when it’s placed on its side it looks like it’s smiling. Pistachios are typically given as a gift during New Years as a symbol of health, happiness and good fortune. The Chinese believe that hearing the crack of the pistachio shell opening is good luck.

Did you know that the French don’t have a word for “Snack”?! Crazy I know. Pistachios are served with an aperitif, which is a light alcoholic beverage served before a meal to help cleans and stimulate the palate.

Germans much their way through 12,700 tons of pistachios each year….there’s a lot of hungry Germans out there!

Indians have named the pistachio’s “hot food”, as they feast on a lot of pistachios in the colder months as they’re believed to have the ability to warm the soul and body. Pistachios are also eaten during Diwali (Indian New Year) as a symbol of love and good wishes.

Pistachios are served after a meal in Israel which is known as “ Pituchim”, translating to “all nuts” in English. Iranians love pistachio, 9 million pounds of pistachio a year…Oh my!

“Quiere el pistachepelado y en la boca,” – is a very popular statement in Mexico! The saying translates to “He wants his pistachios shelled and in the mouth,”…well, don’t we all?

The Russians believe that hearing the crack of a pistachio being opened is good luck. There must be a lot of lucky Russians out there!

And the strangest fact of them all…in 2014 a town in Turkey decided to go eco-friendly by using pistachio shells to run their town entirely!

Have a fabulous world pistachio day! If this blog post has been getting your taste buds tingling then get 20% off with PROMO CODE ‘worldpistachioday’ at our shop check-out.Let us know if you have any other worldly fact about pistachios by using our hashtag #nutsaboutborna on Instagram. 

Emma Langston, Content Writer at Borna Foods

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