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Jun 07, 18
By Inesa Slevaite
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Our stockists has grown considerably since the beginning of the year! So we thought we’d better update you with a little bit more about what each of the companies do, we wish we could tell you our favourite but we love them all!

Sourced Market
N1C, W1U, SW1W, EC1M
You’ll find 4 sourced market shops around London, St. Pancras, Marylebone, Victoria and Barbican. All are beautifully decorated, inside and out. The shops are stocked full of the best and most up and coming food and drinks products on the market; ‘Food and drink that tastes so good that you’re torn between shouting about it and keeping it very quietly to yourself’

Sourced Market like to ensure all their producers are ethically and sustainably sourcing and creating their products. The shops are full of exciting smells, colours and inspiration.

The Health Store
In 1932 we were blessed with The Health Store. The wholesalers supply customers all over the UK, Ireland, Europe and as far away as Hong Kong! They offer a huge range of food, drink and health products that most of you would see in many health food stores. They are one of the largest and most trusted wholesalers in the industry and has a long history of trading.

When sourcing food they like to take the ethical approach and only source products that they know will suit their customer’s needs.



“CLF are one of the leading, and fastest growing, wholesalers in the industry”

CLF has over 18 years’ experience and are the UK’s leading wholesaler of premium products, such as, Sports Nutrition, Organic and Health Food Products, Vitamin, Minerals & Supplements, Personal Care, Household Products and now Chilled & Frozen Products.

They stock over 15,000+ products, giving the buyer a real diverse range of products, allowing them to buy from one source rather than 2 or 3.

The Food Market
The Food Market is an online platform that sells a range of natural and organic artisan food. This online market is a wonderful place shop and a great place to find different funky new products that will be sure to make your pantry glow. All the products on the site contain nothing but goodness and high-quality ingredients. If you don’t have time to head to the Farmers Market this weekend, then this is the best substitute for that!

Sales Thyme

SalesThyme is a unique online presenter, catalogue and sales order processing system. SalesThyme was designed in-house for our sales team to use in store. SalesThyme allows us to conduct sales presentations, gather valuable market research, store retailer details, view previous order history and MOST importantly process transfer orders direct to wholesale from the store on the same day!

Tabl is the best place to discover amazing home-tested recipes, Small batch and artisan producers, cooking masterclasses, delicious supper clubs and Inspiring food blog. You’ll get lost in this extraordinary maze of a community. Become inspired and inspire others!

Teba Foods
BN3 & BN14
Teba food is based in Hove and Worthing, they offer a wide range of International food and drink, catering to religious diets and lifestyle choice diets.  Their range includes fresh meat, fruits and vegetables and an array of herbs, spices and pantry items.

Creaky Shed
Creaky Shed has been providing customers with fresh local and seasonal produce since 2002. The Creaky Shed team have great relationships with local farmers, which enables them to bring the most premium foods to you. Amongst the fruit and veg, they also sell a range of great products that are a the perfect fit for your pantry.

Jones of Brockley


A small but mighty independent food store, that stock a scrumptious range of well-made products including bread, cheese, vegetables, refrigerated and dry goods, wine, beer and more

Who would you like to add to our stockists? Let us know using our hashtag #nutsaboutborna

Emma Langston, Content Writer at Borna Foods

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