Sweet Roast Pistachio Butter - Naturally Sweetened

Jul 17, 18
By Inesa Slevaite
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Do you have a sweet tooth? If you said yes then our Sweet Roast Pistachio Butter is definitely the nut butter for you!  It’s simply a sweeter, creamier version of our 100% Pure Pistachio Butter. We’ve added no-nonsense to this oh-so-sweet nut butter (in fact, there’s no nonsense in any of our nut butters), we’ve naturally sweetened and flavoured it. It may taste like it’s bad for you but actually, it’s jam-packed with nutritional benefits. Below I’ve put together the nutritional benefits of each ingredient in Sweet Roast Pistachio Butter, except for pistachios.

I could come up with a list of nutritional benefits for cashews as long as my arm, so instead of bamboozling you I have just listed the 4 most powerful nutritional benefits of cashews below:

♥ Cancer-Fighting
One of the major cashew nut benefits is that it has properties that fight against tumour cells by stopping them to divide further. This wonderful property is called Proanthocyanidins, which is a type of flavonoid.

♥ Happy Heart & Blood pressure
Cashews are high in oleic acid, which reduces blood pressure, increases fat burning to help with weight loss and protects cells from free radical damage.

♥ Healthy Insides – Bones
Cashews work wonders on your bones, making them strong and healthy. It’s not calcium that they’re full of, it’s Magnesium, which is vital for healthy bone growth.

♥ High in Vitamins
This little nut may not be as high in fibre as most nuts, but it’s a Mary Poppins bag for so many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Such as, Vitamins E, K, and B6, along with minerals like copper, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iron, and selenium, which are all key to keeping your body a happy healthy one.

Agave syrup
Pronounced ‘uh-gah-vee’
The Agave plant grows originates from South America and has been apart of Mexican cooking for hundreds of years. The leaves from the plant are cut and then the juice is extracted and boiled to create a thick syrup. Studies have shown that Agave syrup is 1.4 – 1.5 times sweeter than sugar, meaning that you may need less of this product to sweeten foods and beverages!

Coconut cream
Head over to coco-nutty to find out more about the amazing benefits of coconut cream.

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Emma Langston, Content Writer at Borna Foods

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