Help Us Stock Up London’s Food Banks

Oct 05, 21
By Sofie Andersen

As the autumn is in full swing and the days are getting shorter, we realise that this half of the year can be harder for some than it is for others. Therefore, we have decided to partner with The Felix Project, a London based food bank, in order to help with food reserves for people who need it most. 

It works like this: for every order over £10 you place in our shop we will donate 1 pistachio drink to The Felix Project and 1 pistachio drink to YOU! We want you to be part of this project, so we decided to donate a drink to our customers because we believe in sharing all the nutty love we have to give! 

Since its conception, Borna Foods have been about helping people. From the way we produce our products, to the kind of people we hire, the entire business is centered around giving back to the community that helped us grow. Always striving to do “the next right thing”, we have worked hard at Borna to be able to give back at the scale we are today. That is why we are so passionate about helping people from all walks of life and feed as many people as we can.


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