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Why Choose Pistachio Drink Over Other Plant-Based Milk Alternatives?

Jan 29, 21
By Inesa Slevaite
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Borna Foods Premium Pistachio Drink is unique in the market – available in Lightly Sweetened and Unsweetened handy half-litre packs (shelf-friendly and fridge-friendly!) it is the first and only 100% natural pistachio milk alternative!

This market is set to grow and grow…

Mintel reports that whilst traditional cows’ milk sales are in decline, almost a quarter of all UK shoppers are now including ‘milk alternative’ drinks in their shopping repertoires. This presents a massive opportunity for new and exciting products to take their place on the dairy-free shelves!

What’s different about a pistachio milk alternative?

Our drinks are made using the entire nut. This means there is no wastage, and we can cram up to four times the number of nuts into our drink compared to other brands. But that’s not all: we don’t use any nasty stabilizers, gums, lecithin or extracts either. This clean label approach allows us to create out pistachio drinks using just four ingredients or fewer.

As well as being low-fat, dairy-free, and gluten-free, our pistachio drink is also enriched with extra Vitamin B12 and Calcium (essential nutritional supplements for those following a vegan diet). Packed with 4% premium-quality pistachios, it has the most delicious, nuttiest taste and the smoothest, creamiest texture. Not only are they awarded by our customers for being tasty but also, the range has won a World Food Innovation Award 2020 in the Best Drink Concept category!

 And because it’s vegan certified, Kosher, Halal and supremely versatile, you can add it to coffee, pour it over breakfast muesli, mix it into smoothies or simply drink it as it! 

…Innovation is at the forefront of our business as we constantly think of ways to expand both our brand and our range to create something totally unique.

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