Food & Drinks Expo - April 2018, Birmingham

Apr 23, 18
By Inesa Slevaite
Health Pistachios

This time last week we were heading over to the NEC Birmingham for the Food & Drinks Expo feeling pumped and ready for the next couple of busy days ahead of us. For this exhibition, we decided to push the boat out and get a stand that represents our pistachios and where they come from, Iran. The stand not only completely blew us away but also wowed everyone else at the exhibition, we even spotted a few people photographing it! As well as giving our stand design a facelift we also decided to rock a new look, if you saw 3 people walking around with #nutsaboutborna plastered on their backs that was me, Daniel (Sales rep) and Cemile (Product developer). Our stand looked good, we looked good and our pistachio tasted amazing, as always.

“Roll-up, Roll-up…Try our new flavours” 

The lucky people who attended the exhibition were able to try our new flavours that are in the last stages of development, and let me tell you, they’re delicious. We are so happy with everyone’s positive comments, some people even came back to have another try, now that says something about our new flavours! You’ll have to keep an eye out as they will be coming out very soon…eek!

“Oh my, that’s delicious”

Not only did we have our new flavours for everyone to try but we also had our original pistachio butters available to try too! Everyone was blown away by our 100% pure pistachio butter that’s made right here in the UK, which comes in smooth and crunchy. We spoilt everyone rotten and were even offering our pistachio butters on dates!

“We’ll never get rid of 1,000 tote bags”

Everyone LOVED our tote bags that were specially made for the show! When we had our delivery of 1,000 tote bags we were a little sceptical whether we could give that many away. Well, on the first day we gave away 500! By the end of the week, we wished we’d ordered more. I was great to see Borna lovers walking around with our bags. In the totes there was an exclusive 10% off voucher code – “iloveborna” …oooops did I just tell you the code that can be used on any of our products on our website?!

“It was great to meet you”

During the exhibition, we met some amazing people who we can’t wait to work with or see munching on Borna’s pistachio products. We had a fabulous time and we can’t wait to return! It’s now time to put our feet up – NOT – we have lots of new and exciting things coming your way, there’s no time for rest here at Borna HQ.

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Emma Langston, Content Writer at Borna Foods

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