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We are a young British company selling premium produce, sourced from certified pistachios farms around the globe. We grow, talk and even dream about pistachio, almond and cashew nuts. This means that we can always guarantee to provide you with the highest quality products, using premium produce that we hand-select! 

Borna foods came to life in 2014, where the focus was predominately on wholesale in Europe. Three years later we launched our first retail products.


the pistachio

Native to the Middle East, pistachios have been naturally growing for thousands of years. Pistachios thrive in dry and warm conditions, which contribute to their distinctive taste and high nutritional value. Meaning, pistachios are one of the most nutrient dense nuts in the world.


We pride ourselves on our premium quality products, we offer a vast range of pistachios which includes long, round, jumbo, green peed kernels and not forgetting our smooth and crunchy 100% pistachio butter. We hand select all our pistachios to ensure the highest quality and to uphold our traditional way of doing things.

Including pistachios in your diet can provide some great health benefits, as they consist of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which can contribute to a healthy heart. They are also a brilliant source of protein, fibre, magnesium and vitamin B-6.

In 2017, we launched our original range of products, which includes roasted pistachios, natural and green peeled kernels. This range enabled us to provide our customers with some simply roasted pistachios to use as an on-the-go snack or to use some kernels in home cooking recipes.

In 2018, we introduced two pistachio butters, in both crunchy and smooth, made from 100% pistachios.
Launching in July last year, we felt there was a gap in the market for a naturally flavoured range of pistachio butters and have introduced four additional butters onto the market.

Continuing this healthy journey, we decided to offer our customers nutritionally high-quality pistachio in shell infused with the most incredibly delicious natural ingredients. Inspired the spices around the globe, our six unique packs are infused with bundles of aromatic flavour.

Through an in-depth research into the market, we noticed an unstoppable rise of nut drinks in multiple varieties. Our creative minds began to spin, an in the summer of 2019, we launched the first ever smooth, nutritious and totally nutty pistachio drink in the UK! Mixed together with Vitamin B12 and Calcium, our Unsweetened and Lightly Sweetened Pistachio Drinks make a perfect refreshing alternative to milk.

In November 2020, we’ve made a big step ahead by introducing other nuts to our range to make it even more healthy. This is when the almond and cashew butters,  both delicious, creamy and extremely indulgent, joined the team. 

Innovation is at the forefront of our business, as we are constantly thinking about ways to expand, with both our brand and our product range to create something that no one else has.

Feel free to check out our products, we know you will love them and all their health benefits.


Quality is very important to us at Borna, and we want this to be shown in all areas of our business. We are a hardworking and loyal team, who are committed to always ensuring that our customer service is something to be proud of. Borna ensures that nothing less than premium is delivered to our customers by taking part in every step of the process; from the initial sourcing our pistachios from certified farms, to what you see as the final product. Pistachios are best appreciated for their refined quality and health benefits. We strongly focus on preserving that status in all stages of development. We pride ourselves in the quality and variety of our pistachios.

Your experience with our products is extremely important to us and we ensure you will always be more than satisfied by following our 5 core values of passion, quality, variety, care and fairness in what we offer.

next steps

If you wish to find out more about our products or just say hello, drop us an email at info@bornafoods.com, we love to hear from you.


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Borna Foods Limited
Unit 14
The l O centre
Seymour Street
SE18 6SX
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(+44) 2037 445 567

Borna Foods Limited
Unit 14
The l O centre
Seymour Street
London, SE18 6SX
United Kingdom
(+44) 02037 445 567

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